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The Matawinie parks offer you a unique experience near Montreal

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National Trail

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Sentier du Mont-Ouareau
Saint-Donat and Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci
Sentier du Massif
Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci This map shows all the trails in the Massif and Pont-Suspendu sectors of the Ouareau Forest Regional Park. An entrance fee applies to access these trails. The map includes the Massif trail from km 0 to km 23. The end of the trail (km 23 to km 25.5) is on the Contreforts Trail map (National trail).
Sentier des Contreforts
Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci and Saint-Côme Note: This map also includes the end of the Massif trail from the 24th km to the 26.5 km. This portion of the trail is the access to the Capucines refuge during the winter season.
Sentier des Perces-Brumes and Sentier de l’Ours
Saint-Côme and Sainte-Émélie-de-l'Énergie Note: Parking fees apply for access to the trails from the Domaine Bazinet outfitter.
Sentier Mistikush
Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve.
Chériore Trail
Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve.

Map of the Matawinie regional parks network

This map presents the National Trail and all the regional parks of Matawinie in two distinct maps. At a glance, you can discover the multitude of activities offered in Matawinie as well as our shelters, our campgrounds …. and much more! Go ahead and “EXPLORE” the Matawinie regional parks!

Our trail maps are available on the Ondago mobile app. 

In collaboration with Rando Québec, Prêt-à-Partir maps have been developed for various trails and stays (1 to 3 days). Available on the National Trail, in the Ouareau Forest and in the Sept-Chutes Park



Société de développement des parcs régionaux de la Matawinie
1661 A, rue principale, Saint-Côme (Québec)
Société de développement des parcs régionaux de la Matawinie.
1661 A, rue principale, Saint-Côme (Québec)